Early Birthday Present


It isn't often that someone is told what their going to get for their birthday seven weeks in advance. But thanks to E! Online, I now know that LOST -- the best show in the history of television IMHO -- will start its fourth season on my birthday.

The article attributes moving LOST to Thursday nights to the writers' strike but I can'tt help but wonder if some executive at ABC faithfully reads my blog and decided to throw one of the show's biggest fans a bone for patiently waiting nine months for the new season to begin.

At any rate, I hope the writers' strike ends soon as LOST only has eight of its 16 scheduled episodes in the can. If not, I'll be sending my resume to ABC come February to write the remaining eight episodes. If that falls through I have some other ideas I'm willing to pitch.

So to any television executives that read this blog take note: I'm willing to write scripted shows sans representation from the WGA. Just drop me a line and let's chat!