Home Sweet Home

We’ve finally moved into our home or at least feel like we’ve moved into it. Ninety percent of the boxes are unpacked, there are pictures on the wall, and I think it’s been three or four days since I had to ask Marathon Girl where something was. It’s nice to feel like we’re actually moved in.

One thing you never really know when you buy a home is what the neighborhood is like. You can get a rough idea buy driving through it and talking to a neighbor or two but you never really know how friendly everyone is going to be or what the neighborhood culture is like until you actually move in and meet everyone. Over the years I’ve moved into places where everyone was friendly and welcoming and others where the only contact you ever had with the neighbors is when they pulled out of their driveway every morning.

Fortunately, we’ve moved into the friendliest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in. A bunch of people came over and helped us move in the first day. While that was going on, neighborhood kids swarmed our house looking to see if we had kids to play with. Within two days we’ve met everyone on the street. All the older kids have new friends who they play with all the time. (The baby seems to be indifferent to all this. Go figure.) Even Marathon Girl, who tends to be shy and quiet in new surroundings, feels like she has neighbor she can talk to or call on if she needs something. Everyone in the family seems happy with the new home, the new neighborhood, and has quickly adjusted to our new surroundings.

Then on Saturday Marathon Girl and I were outside working on our yard. A lady drove up and introduced herself as the person who just bought the house for sale on the far end of the street. We talked for a few minutes about the neighborhood and our families. When we were done she drove up the street and introduced herself to another neighbor who was out watching her kids play in the front yard.

I think she’ll fit right in.