Funny Subtitles

After reading my last post asking for subtitle feedback, one reader emailed over some of her own true-to-life subtitle suggestions and gave me permission to share them on my blog. There's a part of me that wishes I could use them on my real book. My personal favorite it the fourth one.

  • How to make sure the dead wife is truly buried before you get married
  • Is there a ghost in your relationship? How to know the exorcism failed
  • What to do when you think there is another bitch in your bed, and you don't own a dog
  • She's gone, you're here. If that isn't enough for him, move on my dear
  • How to be in a relationship with a man whoes mind that is more numb than the usual man
  • How to be number 1 when you are number 2
  • Dead people are perfect, you aren't. How to be perfectly imperfect
  • How to date a man who visits the late wife's resting place more than he visits yours

Have a your own true-to-life subtitle you'd like to share? Add them to the comments below.