No Super Bowl XLII Tickets


I received a letter from the NFL today. Sadly it wasn't about my offer to purchase the Denver Broncos for $1,000. (They way they'e playing of late, I'm getting the raw end of that deal!) Rather it was to inform me that I wasn't selected in their random drawing to purchase Super Bowl XLII tickets.

The letter read:

Dear NFL Fan:

Your name was part of the Super Bowl XLII random drawing that included all written requests received by this office between February 1 and June 1. The National Football League regrets to notify you that your entry was not selected. All Super Bowl tickets available from the NFL for public sale have been allocated.

We appreciate your continued interest in Super Bowl games and the NFL.


The National Football League.

You'd think the NFL could at least personalize these letters or, at the very least, have Roger Godsell personally sign all rejection letters. It appears the NFL has become another large and impersonal conglomerate. When did that happen? :-)

I guess this means Marathon Girl and I won't be traveling to Phoenix this February to enjoy the game. (Sorry Brent.) Instead we'll just have to invite everyone to our own Super Bowl party which is a lot funner and a lot less expensive. The only down side I can see to the game this year is that it looks like the Broncos won't be part of it.