My Poor Brother

Greek Flag 

I feel bad for my brother. He should be home after spending the last two years living in Greece.

He's not.

For the last two days he's been stuck in the Athens airport. Fights have been canceled or delayed.

This morning I received short email this morning saying he had been at the airport for six hours waiting to know the status of his flight. He has no idea when he'll leave or when he'll arrive home. His life, for the moment, is in some sort of limbo until the airlines can get their act together and get a flight home.

I replied to his email telling him he's going to be like the Tom Hanks character in the movie Terminal and live at the airport for the rest of his life.

I shouldn't have told him that. Had I gone through the same ordeal when I was trying to leave Bulgaria, I don't think I would have been too happy at the comparison.

Thankfully my brother is very good natured and will be so happy to be home that we'll all laugh about the delays when we finally see him.

I just hope that's sooner, rather than later.