Long Sleeve Short Sleeve Shirts

The weather’s turned cold and as a result, I’ve started wearing long sleeve shirts to work. When I first put on a long sleeve shirt last week I realized it didn’t fit right. I looked down at my wrists and realized that sleeves were about an inch or two shorter than normal. Thinking that the shirt has somehow shrunk last time it was washed, I set it aside and put on another long sleeve shirt. It also felt funny and I noticed that it too wasn’t quite long enough on the arms.

I put on a third shirt and noticed the same problem. I was about to tell Marathon Girl that something was wrong with our washing machine when I noticed that the shirt I was wearing felt tight around the chest and arms.

Apparently my summer exercise regimen along with swimming twice a week has increased the size of my chest, arms, and shoulders to the point where I need bigger shirts. :-)

This is a good problem to have.