Benched My Weight!

Bench Press

It’s no secret that I was born with little in the way of muscle mass. Though being tall and thin has its advantages, it also means that I don’t have much muscle mass. Any muscle I manage to add is quickly gone if I don’t lift or try to grow what little muscles I have on a regular basis.

So it was quite an accomplishment on Saturday when I actually bench my own weight – 205 lbs (93 kg) – without any assistance.

It took two years to get here – a process that was slowed by fact that I still run regularly – but it was well worth the time and effort to be this strong.

And the accomplishment was even sweeter because instead of doing it in a gym, I did it at home in front of Marathon Girl, who, by the way, really likes the muscle I’ve added over that period of time.

Life is good and sweet – especially when you’ve worked hard to accomplish something.