Where's Those Tigers At?

Has anyone seen those Tigers?Has anyone seen those cats? Here kitty, kitty, kitty Here kitty, kitty, kitty Where’s those Tigers at?

-- A mocking sports chant used when the opponent's mascot is a Tiger


$138 million doesn’t buy what it used to.

Just ask the Detroit Tigers.

In the old days it could buy enough stars to guarantee you a playoff spot, even if it didn’t come with a World Series title. The Yankees are proof of that.

Nowadays it can’t even buy you a victory.

The Tigers, who have the second highest payroll in baseball, are the only team without a win after being swept by the White Sox and lowly Royals in Detroit.

Their performance is utter disappointing and embarrassing even for Tigers fans who are generally accustomed to mediocrity.

And things don’t look much better for the struggling Tigers. Twelve of their next 14 games are on the road staring with a three games series against the Red Sox today. I can honestly see them coming back from the road swing and giving the 1988 Baltimore Orioles a run for their money. (The ’88 Orioles started the season 0-21.)

The only bright side of the Tiger's struggles is that there will probably be an abundance of available Tiger-Diamondback tickets when the family visits Phoenix next month.