Feels Like 2002 All Over Again

For the least six years I've subscribed to an email alert that sends me the latest Detroit Tigers games summary as soon as their game is over. For most of that time these email alerts were just kind of a way for me to keep in touch with the Tigers without reading about just how awful they were actually playing. Then last year everything changed. The Tigers, much to the surprise of everyone, became a contender in the American League and made it to the World Series. Instead of drudgery, these emails became my way to read about their latest success and savor the possibility of playoff run -- something I really hadn't experienced in over 15 years.

This year the Tigers entered the All-Star break as arguably the best team in baseball. They were hot and it looked like only the Red Sox might stand between them and a shot at another World Series.

Then something happened. The Tigers began to sputter. Their roar turned into a quiet meow. Since break they've gone an awful 18-27 and have only won one series against the lowly Twins. (They thankfully split a series with the hated Yankees this weekend.) They're now 2.5 games behind the Indians for the lead in the Central and 4 games behind the wildcard race.

Now those emails alerts have become drudgery. I open them waiting to read how the Tigers blew their latest game. It's like 2002 all over again.

Yet I still subscribe to those email blasts and probably always will. I'm still a Tiger fan no matter how awful they play.

I just wish those Tigers hadn't gotten my hopes up by playing so well the first half of this year.

I was just getting used to enjoying those emails.