Marrying a Widower: Done

The writing and editing part of Marrying a Widower is done. The final manuscript has been sent to the designer for typesetting. I formatted it for the various eBook formats last night. Depending on how fast the typesetting goes the book could be available as early as next week. I'll post Chapter 1 on Wednesday. Until then I'm going to catch up on sleep and spend some time with Marathon Girl and the kiddies.

May 1 I start another writing project and the process starts all over again.

Pre-order Marrying a Widower

For those who would like personalized copies of Marrying a Widower you can now pre-order them at my store. Please note that I don't have an exact shipping date yet but it's looking like late April before the book will be available. For those in the US and Canada, shipping is a flat rate of $3.50 no matter how many books or which one of my books you order.

For those who don't want to pre-order, the book will also be available in paperback to purchase from Amazon as well as all major ebook platforms in late April.

If you have any questions about pre-orders, send me an email.

Cover Voting Results

I hoped to post the final Marrying a Widower cover up on my blog by now. However, I requested some changes to the winning cover and haven't seen them yet. Even though I don't have the cover yet, I am willing to post the final results. (If you don't know what the covers look like, you can view all three of them here.)

Thanks to everyone who voted. I'll post the final cover--a slightly modified version of cover #1-- as soon as I get it back from the graphic designer.

Vote for Your Favorite Marrying a Widower Cover

Based on feedback received on the initial cover last week, I've had my graphic designer come up with two other designs. What I'd like you to do is review the three covers (the initial one and the two new ones) below and leave a comment below to let me know your favorite. On Thursday I'll announce what the final cover the book will look like.

Thanks for voting!

Update: Don't worry about the different subtitles. "What You Need to Know Before Tying the Knot" is the official subtitle for the book. It's the rings I'm looking for you to vote for.

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

MAW Book Update

Last week I finished the first draft of Marrying a Widower. It’s definitely first draft quality so no one will be getting a glimpse of it until it’s gone at least two more revisions. Right now I’m half way through the second draft. One thing I’m noticing about this book compared to Dating a Widower is that I’m focusing a lot more on helping the woman decide if tying the knot with a widower is right for her. Even if the widower moves on and makes you the center of his universe there are things about his late wife and their marriage that always seem to crop up. As of now about half the book is helping you decide if the widower is ready to take the plunge again while the other half asks women to do decide if they are. When I started writing, I didn’t expect the book to take this turn but hopefully readers will find it helpful.

Also, please keep sending in your stories for the book. Read the complete guidelines if you’re interested in having your story included in the book.

Now back to writing . . .