The Third Q&A

Q: I’m excited that The Third found a new home. Who’s publishing it? A: Cedar Fort. The same publisher who took Room for Two.

Q: I can’t wait to read it. Any idea when it will be released?

A: The tentative release date is between April-June 2011. But that could change. When I get a more firm date, I’ll post it here.

Q: Did you think you’d find a new publisher so soon?

A: I was a little surprised, yes. I thought I was looking at least a year before I could share good news with everyone. When you have a good story, it makes it easier to find a publisher.

Q: I’ve read some sample chapters and love them. Are you planning on more stories with Ransom, Teya, and Dragomir?

A: I have a sequel to The Third that’s halfway done. The sales of The Third will drive whether or not I finish it. In the meantime, I’m busy with other writing projects.

Q: Other writing projects? Like what?

A: I’m working on a short guide for women dating widowers. I’m hoping to have that out in the next month or two. I also have another novel—unrelated to The Third—that’s in the first draft. I’m hoping to have that one finished by the end of the year.

Q: Can you give us any hint on what that book's about?

A: Not right now. It's too early in the process to know if it's going to be worth publishing.