The Art of Losing

As many of you know, The Third has been going through a series of printing and other delays that have continually pushed back the publication date. This has been extremely frustrating for me and all of you who’ve wanted to read it. Last week the publisher let me know she was unable to meet the publishing deadline in our contract. She gave me the option of having The Third published in the Spring of 2011 or returning my books rights back to me. After much thought and deliberation I opted to retain my rights to my novel and seek publication elsewhere.

Right now the plan is to find an interested literary agent or another publisher. It’s a long, difficult process that I’m not looking forward to but hopefully better things will come from it. Two upsides this time around is that 1) I have a manuscript that’s press ready and 2) know of others who expressed interest in publishing the novel when I signed the contract late last year. If they’re still interested, maybe I’ll have some good news before the end of the summer. That being said, if you know of anyone in the publishing world who might be interested in taking a look at The Third drop me an email.

For those who pre-ordered copies of The Third. I’ve been assured by the publisher that you'll all receive refunds. If you pre-ordered through Amazon or other online book seller, you’ll get a refund through them though I don’t know the process for that or how long it will take.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience with the constant delays of this novel. I know many of you were excited to read the book. As I now have all rights to The Third back, email me if you’re still interested in reading it and let’s see if we can arrange a way to get you a copy of the manuscript.

Ransom, Teya, Dragomir, and the rest of the characters in The Third will come to life at some point. Right now, however, I don’t know when that’s going to happen.

Thanks again for all your patience and support.


Abel Keogh