Looking for a few more Living with a Widower Stories

I sent Living with a Widower off to the editor and a beta reader over the weekend and just got feedback from both of them. Over the next few days I’ll start making changes based on their suggestions and comments. I've also been going through stories that readers sent in for the book. The good news is that I've got tons of great stories to use. (I’ll be in touch soon if your story is chosen.) The bad news is that the book has evolved since I first asked for stories last year and, as a result, have either written some chapters I didn't plan on or have some subjects that people didn't share stories.

As a result, I’m posting a list of stories that I’m in need of. If you feel like you have a story to share, send me an email with your story. If you can get the stories to be sometime before January 21, that would be great. Please keep submission to under 750 words.

  • I need 1 more story about what happened when a GOW or WOW continually permitted or made excuses for a widower’s bad actions or behavior.
  • Need 1 more story about what happened after you learned about the widower’s and late wife’s sex life.
  • Need 2 stories that address the ups and downs of participating in or volunteering for charity runs, foundations, or other events that commemorate the late wife.
  • Need 2 stories about dealing with memorial tattoos—1 positive one and one negative one.
  • Need 2 stories about how you forgave a widower who hurt you.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

Update: Just got a positive tattoo story that I'll use. Keep 'em coming.

Update 2: Received two good forgiveness stories. Thank you, ladies!

Update e: Tattoo stories have been taken care of. Thanks!