Dating a Widower Book Update

To keep me honest about the creative writing goals I made at the beginning of this year, I thought I’d update you on the status of the Dating a Widower book. I’ve got good news and good/bad news—depending on how you look at it.

First, the good news. Based on the feedback I received from beta readers last year, I rewrote the entire book last month. The book is now in the hands of a competent editor who’s going to make some final suggestions. I should have her feedback by Friday. I’ll review her changes this weekend and should have a polished manuscript ready to go by Sunday.

Now the good/bad news. My plan was to have the book ready and available by the end of February. However, under the terms of my current book contract, my publisher has the right to review the next book I write. So last week I shot their acquisitions editor off an email telling her about the book. Because the book is for such a niche market, I didn’t think it was something they’d want to look it. Much to my surprise the acquisitions editor said she wanted to review it once I had a final copy. So after I finalize the manuscript, I’ll shoot it off to the publisher to review. Having worked with them over the last several years I’m looking at about 4-6 weeks until I know whether or not they’re interested.

So when is Dating a Widower coming out? Well, if the publisher turns down the manuscript I’ll get the book on Amazon and other places in March or April—depending on how soon they get back to me. If the publisher accepts the manuscript and I choose to sign a contract, it will probably come out by the end of the year.

Again, nothing is set in stone at this point other than there’s going to be a small delay in getting it out to all of you. I’ll update you once I hear back from the publisher.