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Random Thoughts: Election Day

The nice thing about the Internet is that instead of spending 60 minutes writing on what I consider to be the pivotal issues of the election, is that I can find someone who has already written something similar but done a better job of it. I never thought I’d agree with a Democrat on important election issues, but this time I do. If you haven’t already, read What Really Matters As We Vote by Orson Scott Card


I took advantage of early voting last week and cast my ballot last week. I decided waiting in line for an hour was preferable to waiting in line for 2-3 hours on Election Day.


This is probably the first election where I’ll follow the results primarily online as opposed to TV.


More than anything, this election has made me extremely glad I’m not a journalist. As far as I’m concerned most media organizations have lost all their credibility over the last 12 months. Why? Read Michael Malone’s column at abcnews.com on how the media’s election coverage is playing a dangerous game with their readers, the Constitution, and their own fates.


I don’t think there’s going to be an Obama landslide tomorrow. My prediction: Obama receives 49% of the popular vote and 282 electoral votes. McCain gets 48% of the popular vote and 256 electoral votes. Only five states change their vote from 2004: Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico go for Obama. New Hampshire goes for McCain.


I’ll be very happy when this election is over.

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